Friday, August 30, 2013

Your Life, Your Rules!

live laugh and loveLife is full of uncertainties and nothing is constant but change. Day to-day we live as if like we follow rules, rules that we believe since we were young and already been carved  into our minds, it  dictate on how we live this life, different rules for all people. and even our rules change, changed by time, people we met and experiences.

Most of the time we easily say that on every experience we had, we never regret anything that happened to show people how responsible, how strong and how rational we are. But deep inside us, we ask ourselves "what if?". This question reveals our weakness, insecurities and brings self-doubt and when see somebody who is stronger than us, we let them take over our lives. Generally, most of us are self-centered and act based on how we protect ourselves. Sometimes we are over protective to the point of hurting people, but often times we fail protecting ourselves that is why we got broken, we got hurt and we suffer.

But In the end the most important thing Is that we know how to value The life that has given to us. We may got broken because we trusted too much, we may suffer because we put others first. But don't you think it's time to stop? This is our own lives, stand up for it,  don't let others dictate how you live, your happiness first, love yourself and don't ever forget that you have the right to live this life the way you want it.

your life your rules

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ease up, Enjoy Life!

the best is yet to comeOften times we wake up in the morning feeling good, but as we get up from the bed and begin our day, we tend to start complaining about simple things. Like how vague the dream was, it is too early to get up, yesterday was a fail, so much to do with so little time and a lot more. We often forget to say a little thank you  for another day, for another breath, for another sunrise, for another day to fight and for a brand new day to start all over again.

Gratitude, I think, is one of the most important deed in this world. When we are being appreciative of the things that we have, it will make us feel blessed, it will ease up the burden that we carry on our shoulders. It'll make us smile and it will make us realize that we are fortunate to be in a certain situation for we are strong enough to conquer anything.

enjoy lifeRide on, Have you ever heard of the phrase "go with the flow"? This will be the best action for some situation. Sometimes, when we  face adversities we complain a lot to the point that we tend to view all things negatively. We become irritable, quick-tempered, we become irrational and unreasonable. Why not take a step back, pause for a while, try to reflect and clear your mind. In this way, we can come up with positive plans on how to deal with difficult situations.

The point is that our first reaction to misfortunes is to get mad easily, get discourage and get ourselves be eaten up and be beaten up. Life is simple; "Follow your intuition, be smart, be brave, tell the truth and don't take any shit." and most of all be happy all the time.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's Talk About Money

dollar signMoney make the world go round, a tagline which is famous to each and everyone. Some people don't believe in it, but majority of us live with it. We work very hard so that we can get the money we always wanted, some would shuffle 3 jobs day and night, work our butt off 7 days a week and a lot more.

Money is just a material thing, I know some people who doesn't give a damn about money. They are just contented living a simple life, contented with the love that surrounds them, do not have indulges, no high aspirations. Just living the life.

Money is everything, some people are driven by money Because they have needs and wants,they wanna buy a lot of things for instance, expensive foods, branded clothing, shelter, cars, gadgets, jewelry, buildings, resorts, island and so much more..

Money is love, rich people are lonely, well not all of them but some are. Maybe because they are too driven to get rich they forget how's like to give affection that's why they buy it from people whose love can be bought.

Money is power, when people have more than enough money they gain control over things and people, they boss around, they underestimate people who have less money, they have this notion that they are above everything and anything.

money dont change people
Money is evil, it makes people do bad things. Let's face it, majority of us faces poverty struggling to survive everyday and not all people have the courage to do what is right. Everyday in the news we see people get busted for selling drugs, some from prostitution, kidnapping, robbery, stealing, swindling, murder and a lot of bad things.

But whatever it is, the most important thing is that we know our purpose in this world, we live harmoniously with others and we value respect more than we value money.What's your take on money? Do you believe that money is the most important thing in this world? Can you live without money? Or it is just money! no big deal! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Defining Passion

They say people are driven by emotions, it influences how people behave and react to situations, it affects judgment, rationalization, and decision making. One of the strongest emotion that is unclear to most of us is Passion. Below are the list of questions that a lot of people are asking:

define your passion

1. Why am I not successful?
2. Why some people have it all?
3. How come no matter how hard I work, I am still stuck from where I started?
4. How come he/she achieved a lot putting less efforts.

Well people, Passion is the answer! Passion is a strong desire to make things possible or couple of things that steers us to success. A lot of us are still fixed in a norm that we can never achieve what successful people have achieved, we negate from the idea that everything is possible, we think that "success is not for me". Apparently because we lack confidence and we lack faith in ourselves.

Yes it is true that a handful are people who are self made millionaire, it is because they are driven by passion, they enjoy what they do, they love everything about it and even if the journey is so hard, they NEVER GIVE UP because they know that their life depends on it. Passionate people are self motivated, they know that if they achieve something it would bring happiness. They have courage to do things even if some think that it is impossible. They have determination, they never give up, they label failures as setbacks and they bounce from it immediately with excitement.

follow your heart

Passion is present in every one of us, some recognizes it already in a young age and made use of it in a positive manner, some find it difficult to look for it. Several Instances prevents us from pursuing our passion and just give up on a simple setbacks, they even fail to move forward.

Now go on, Start your journey to success but answer this question first:

What is your passion?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Different Boss Types

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A Working environment is very tricky and has never been stable even for a day, Its dynamics are unsure and can start from a positive setting into a negative one or vice versa. There are a lot of contributing factors to consider that creates the ambiance but i think the main characters are the boss and its employees. There are different Kinds of Bosses and each type have different strategies and personalities that can bring success to a business or company.  I am just gonna discuss 2 common types to see which is better and to  identify which type is more effective in bringing success.

The first one is The Dictator, this type of boss would absolutely believe that management means "command and control." Usually they are self absorbed, compasionless, liars and they believe that they are always right. They may have ask for any  ideas from different people but they will make sure to it that their idea is the one that will be in effect at the end of the road. If anything goes wrong then he would never admit that he was wrong, he always blame it to somebody or something, he would not take responsibility for it. These behaviors alienates employees and they may not in accord in every policy or instructions given but the employees do not have the right to disobey, convey ideas, and question because of fear, powerlessness, intimidation and inferiority. Like the boss say "Obey or Leave".

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The second one is The Hero, the type of boss that most employee would ask for, they are competent and knowledgeable, yet easy to work with, they have positive vibes, can handle both management  and employees efficiently. The type of boss that communicates to the employees, passionate, listener, motivator and they are the very opposite of the dictator. These behaviors makes the environment positive, employees are much willingly to work with this boss, their ideas are taken into consideration and they believe that unity defines success.

There are a lot more type of bosses out there, every single one of them has different styles and personalities in running the company. If you are to choose what type of boss you would be or who would you think would bring more success that could last a life time? You can leave additional answers on the comment box.Thank You

The Dictator
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Overcoming Problems in Life

i will survive
Each and everyday we encounter problems and trials that put our survival skills to test, things like school projects, bills to pay, food to eat, broken hearts, bankruptcy, death, and a lot more to mention. These are small and big challenges in life and it varies from person to person on how these problems are being solved, some can handle it perfectly fine but some of us are stuck, does not know what to do, how to react, how to think and some just give up.

Often times when we encounter major problems we think that there's no solution to it, we sometimes panic, we tend to over think, we get scared and sometimes we lose hope. We start to ask questions like why it happened, what have we done to deserve such misfortunes, Why life is not fair and etc., but come to think of it, Why not? As they say nothing happens for no reason and we would not have given something that we cannot solve.

dont give up
All we have to do is have faith within ourselves, be brave to face it and keep on moving forward. When we believe in ourselves we become confident, we think rationally and we'll be able to come up of solutions and somehow manage to survive. Being brave means not to fear, when we are afraid of someone or something, we let them/it overpower us we become vulnerable and that 's why we fail. Finally we move forward,  depression  is common when we have problems and all we can do is dwell, find faults, sometimes we are being stuck in the past asking what ifs. I  have heard this line somewhere "Walk to the light. Put one foot in front of the other. That's the way most things in life get done."  Take baby steps like wake up  each morning with hope, plan and act, re-evaluate and let go, sometimes good things happen when we least expect it. More importantly pray and have faith.

Now, those are just insights that I have learned living this life of mine, There are a lot more things that can help us cope. How do you cope?