Friday, August 30, 2013

Your Life, Your Rules!

live laugh and loveLife is full of uncertainties and nothing is constant but change. Day to-day we live as if like we follow rules, rules that we believe since we were young and already been carved  into our minds, it  dictate on how we live this life, different rules for all people. and even our rules change, changed by time, people we met and experiences.

Most of the time we easily say that on every experience we had, we never regret anything that happened to show people how responsible, how strong and how rational we are. But deep inside us, we ask ourselves "what if?". This question reveals our weakness, insecurities and brings self-doubt and when see somebody who is stronger than us, we let them take over our lives. Generally, most of us are self-centered and act based on how we protect ourselves. Sometimes we are over protective to the point of hurting people, but often times we fail protecting ourselves that is why we got broken, we got hurt and we suffer.

But In the end the most important thing Is that we know how to value The life that has given to us. We may got broken because we trusted too much, we may suffer because we put others first. But don't you think it's time to stop? This is our own lives, stand up for it,  don't let others dictate how you live, your happiness first, love yourself and don't ever forget that you have the right to live this life the way you want it.

your life your rules