Friday, December 6, 2013

Are White Lies Acceptable in a Relationship?

Trust is a must in a relationship, thus telling the truth no matter what. But should white lies be exempted? (white lies are harmless or trivial lies)

List of several factors why white lies are born 
- avoidance of deeper issues or fight.
- to conceal a secret that you think "is the appropriate thing to do."
- say "no/nothing/none" just to cut the story short.
- of course saying "yes" just to say what is needed to hear.
- not telling what had happened since you think it is not important at all.

But in the end truth prevails no matter how long time had passed. Often times it the source why couple started fighting because it is found out that the other committed a lie. It also contributed  to trust issues where partners started to doubt each other's credibility. Most of all it might be a start of lies after lies considering the other person did it so let's just conclude that it is acceptable.

Relationship is one of the most complicated things to deal with, you cannot exactly predict what will happen in the future if you decide to do a certain action today. Whatever you do, choose to do what is right and be responsible.

Do you think your partner's white lies are justifiable and acceptable? 
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