Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Different Boss Types

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A Working environment is very tricky and has never been stable even for a day, Its dynamics are unsure and can start from a positive setting into a negative one or vice versa. There are a lot of contributing factors to consider that creates the ambiance but i think the main characters are the boss and its employees. There are different Kinds of Bosses and each type have different strategies and personalities that can bring success to a business or company.  I am just gonna discuss 2 common types to see which is better and to  identify which type is more effective in bringing success.

The first one is The Dictator, this type of boss would absolutely believe that management means "command and control." Usually they are self absorbed, compasionless, liars and they believe that they are always right. They may have ask for any  ideas from different people but they will make sure to it that their idea is the one that will be in effect at the end of the road. If anything goes wrong then he would never admit that he was wrong, he always blame it to somebody or something, he would not take responsibility for it. These behaviors alienates employees and they may not in accord in every policy or instructions given but the employees do not have the right to disobey, convey ideas, and question because of fear, powerlessness, intimidation and inferiority. Like the boss say "Obey or Leave".

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The second one is The Hero, the type of boss that most employee would ask for, they are competent and knowledgeable, yet easy to work with, they have positive vibes, can handle both management  and employees efficiently. The type of boss that communicates to the employees, passionate, listener, motivator and they are the very opposite of the dictator. These behaviors makes the environment positive, employees are much willingly to work with this boss, their ideas are taken into consideration and they believe that unity defines success.

There are a lot more type of bosses out there, every single one of them has different styles and personalities in running the company. If you are to choose what type of boss you would be or who would you think would bring more success that could last a life time? You can leave additional answers on the comment box.Thank You

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