Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to get rid of the Bad Habits

What is a bad habit? it is an unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition and  have a huge factor in our lives. For example smoking, biting nails, excessive shopping, not eating, picking noses and a lot more that can harm your health. 

Getting rid of a bad habit is difficult because your habit is part of your personality already. You have been doing it from the beginning since the day you have learned how to do it.  It causes anxiety when you unwillingly get rid of it even for the first try. Also there is already a need, not just merely a want but a need that you can relate to necessities.

Often times we try to discard those bad habits and more often than not, we failed. Well because we did not try harder and there is no commitment, we just give up so easy on the first try, and we face it alone, I'm not saying it is bad, It is just that no man is an island and everyone needs support and encouragement.

Here are my top 5 on how to get rid  of the bad habit.

1. Be committed. Commitment is not present to people who does not want real change, those who were just forced by somebody to change.It's basic, you just have to want it badly. If you do not want to do it, you always have reason for not doing it, but If you want to do it, you can always find ways on how to do it. 

2. Choose the Right People. Your friends can be the one introduced you to the bad habit, so if you want to change you do not want to hang out with people who are doing the things you want to avoid. It's tempting and you can not resist. Find someone who had succeeded in making a change. 

3. Find a new Hobby. There are a lot of things that you can do in a positive way. like engaging into sports, taking an art class, enrolling in a cooking class, yoga. Find your inner passion and be mad about it, love it and soon your world will turn around.

4. Write a Journal. Keep a small notebook and a pen and write everything. Your success, your failures and why you have failed, your feelings, why you want to do it, make plans on how to get rid of it. Just write it down maybe it is just stress and you just have to let it out. you can use some app today or just your phone to write some thoughts.

5. Trust yourself. Of course there will be failures but that does not mean that you have already failed . Think of the first failures as setbacks, like a trial and error stuff and then get up again tomorrow morning and start anew. Do not be too hard on your self. Make use of the reward-punishment tactic.

That I think my friend can help you in your journey to change for real. Change is hard most of all if it's gonna be good on you. And remember no one can help you but yourself only. Take it slow but for sure. try it and come back, Are you successful even just for a couple of days? What are the obstacles that you think you cannot handle?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tips for Good Decision Making

Everyday is a battle between choices from simple to complex or complicated ones. Decision making is important for it will affect you personally, as well as the people in your circle.
In some point in our lives we made some bad decisions, other's can fix it easily and undo the mistake but some people lived with it with regrets. Our decisions in life determine our maturity and responsibility and It does not matter whether the decision is right or wrong, what's important is that we are happy with our choices and we live to stand by our principles and beliefs.

Here are handful tips to help you make good decisions:

1. Listen to your Gut.
Your instinct is right in every way, It helps us determine if there is something wrong, if there is danger and it is our first line of defense.

2. Based it on your Principles or Belief
Whatever it is if you base it on your values then it is a good choice. Don't let people tell you otherwise since we are all different and we believe in different things. Your decision is your own and you are the one who can benefit from it.

3. Seek Advice/Guidance
Yes you can seek advice, some people know better, some less, some have the best ideas, some have lame ones but it turns out great in the end, other people can help just consider your own ideas first. But you have to remember that you cannot blame them if it turns out bad in the end.

4. Reflect
Look back from the past experiences, you may have this dilemma before and you can come up with a better decision now. As they say Experience is the best teacher.

5. Take your Time
Most of the time Impulsiveness in decision making is never a good thing. Go over with your options over and over, lay all the benefits, advantages and disadvantages, weigh the pros and cons.

Remember that no matter what situation you are today, be brave for fear of not knowing what might happen in the future will not help you to come up with a good decision making. Good Luck and Stay safe every one.

What are your strategies? do you have any best tip that you can share in decision making?
Share your thoughts.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why are we Watchful of other's Success?

successful character holding a gold cupSuccess is vital in our lives and this is the reason why we work so hard and we never cease to dream. Some people find meaning in life through it, some people already achieved it, some people think they can never have it.

 Success is very subjective, we view other's success by our own definition of it and we base our own success thinking of other people's accomplishments. That is why there are always comparison and competition.You might think that you are very unlucky because unlike the people you look up to, you have never stepped into that shoes. On the other hand some people might be envious of you thinking that you already are a successful one.

We get envious for we always compare ourselves to other people. We never had contentment in life always asking for something greater than what we deserve, and I am not saying that we deserve less because none of us are. My point is we should acknowledge our own achievements and stop looking at other's success. what we should do is look for contentment for without it we will always be empty and will never be fulfilled.

The true definition of success is not by the amount of the money that we have, not by how many cars and what type of cars do we ride or not the luxurious things that we own. True success is real happiness. It's when you pause for a moment and give thanks for the little things that completes your life. 

 Do you consider yourself successful  already? if not yet, why?
share your thoughts.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mold your future using the Past

Have you ever desired to have that little chance to change some aspects in your past? We all have that in us, hoping to undo all the mistakes, craving to reverse all amiss things, ought to forget an entity behind. But no matter how hard we indulge to try we can never change it, not a chance. Time had already elapsed and the past is all gone,yes it is true but it does not mean that we should forget it all or just leave it buried under. What we are now is the result of what we were before and how had we behaved. Some people are running from their past, some don't want to even remember a thing or two, some dwell too much and never moved on. But how important it is to accept the things from the past? Acceptance is a crucial thing and not all of us accepts things easily. When we accept we let ourselves learn a lesson, be smarter and grow maturely. It teaches us to be responsible, it gives us courage to face whatever it is that lies ahead, we unburden ourselves from the things that shouldn't be troubling us and we become a better person. Forgive if you must, let go if you have to since you can never enjoy today if your past holds you back, you can never be truly free if you are still imprisoned. In whatever we do, it is important to look back and to re-evaluate thing for a better future. Have you thought of this already? What's on your mind?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On Love: Why do we Hold Back?

Love is a very strong feeling that can build a person as well as it can destroy one. They say when somebody loves someone they give everything, all they could and all they have. And who can deny the truth? Everyone of us is a hopeless romantic, every one of us loves deeply, loves truly, loves endlessly. And as they say; nothing beats the first time like those butterflies in the tummy, blood  pumping rush, very overwhelming like cloud 9 is abyss.

Well there is always a first time and first times are the best. But when it ends there comes another story. As we go in life we move forward, we take down notes which we have learned along the way, we make promises to ourselves and we learn to protect ourselves. Some of us are having a hard time trusting again, afraid to fall in love again. but some of us give love a second chance but holds back, because they get smarter and they already know better now.

Fear is the top most reason why we hold back, we are afraid to be once again wrong, afraid to get hurt, to shed tears, afraid of commitment, afraid that things might get out of control, afraid of someone, afraid of own self and afraid of everything.

Then comes pain, I think heartbreak is the feeling when you can imagine that the heart is shattering, like it is a broken glass that can not be repaired, like somebody is stabbing the sharpest knife into it all over and over. We can still  feel it inside us, like a scar that can not be erased. First cut is the deepest, true for most people.

Doubt, often times we ask ourselves many question because we are starting to doubt our capacity to love again, we doubt someone's capacity to love back in return. We doubt happiness, like it never exists, we doubt everything that once we have believed in.

As for ending this, just give your heart a rest, savor the freedom if you are single. Give it all if you feel that the love you have now is genuine,  and stop if it is hurting and if it is too much to bear. Don't get afraid to make mistakes, after all, there are lessons to be learned, be it in a hard way or the other way around. What's important is that we continue moving on, Although love is complicated,it is still the greatest feeling in the world, Just have to believe it.