Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mold your future using the Past

Have you ever desired to have that little chance to change some aspects in your past? We all have that in us, hoping to undo all the mistakes, craving to reverse all amiss things, ought to forget an entity behind. But no matter how hard we indulge to try we can never change it, not a chance. Time had already elapsed and the past is all gone,yes it is true but it does not mean that we should forget it all or just leave it buried under. What we are now is the result of what we were before and how had we behaved. Some people are running from their past, some don't want to even remember a thing or two, some dwell too much and never moved on. But how important it is to accept the things from the past? Acceptance is a crucial thing and not all of us accepts things easily. When we accept we let ourselves learn a lesson, be smarter and grow maturely. It teaches us to be responsible, it gives us courage to face whatever it is that lies ahead, we unburden ourselves from the things that shouldn't be troubling us and we become a better person. Forgive if you must, let go if you have to since you can never enjoy today if your past holds you back, you can never be truly free if you are still imprisoned. In whatever we do, it is important to look back and to re-evaluate thing for a better future. Have you thought of this already? What's on your mind?