Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Steps in Achieving Your Dreams

Dreams/Goals/Aspirations are key components of life. It determine how would we live our lives, would we live life pursuing our dreams or would we live it just dreaming the dreams.Pursing dreams takes a lot of commitment, it may break or make us.
sticky paper with dreams lettering


We should start first by setting minute goals towards big dreams. Well it is easy to seat goals, but it's hard to focus on achieving it. We are dealing to a lot of things day by day, there are pressures, stress, people surrounding us and sometimes these factors makes us forget that we have a goal to achieve. Allocate time to review the things you want to achieve, best to do it Early morning when you wake up so you can be prepared for the days' tasks and in the evening before you sleep so you  can review what has achieved and what it is more to achieve.


Planning is also one of the keys to achieve dreams because it will create balance of needs or demands with the available resources. Planning takes time and it has failures and successes, we should not get easily discourage if we bump into little failures because we learn and we grow from it.


We easily change our minds when it comes to achieving our dreams, sometimes we wake up realizing that it is too far, to good to be true. But come to think of it, many people have already achieved their dreams one way or another, the difference is the level of commitment and willingness. Creating a ritual which is essential in achieving dreams is a great help, eventually it will turn into a hobby and it will become a way of life. In that way it will be easier to attain the Big Dream.


Motivation is everywhere it can be self induced or contributed by the people surrounds you. Being motivated makes you excited, it makes you believe that you are unstoppable and powerful. Make use of the reward-punishment system, this makes you strive harder to get the reward of the little goal you will achieve and will make you persistent.


No man is an island, it's true. We may dream for ourselves, but for sure we dream for others also. Get the support from you loved ones, family, friends they keep you motivated and inspired. Needing Help is not bad but using people is, sometimes it is not always true that the end justifies the means. Be mindful and always have good intentions.

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Best of all be happy, when we are happy we are productive, it makes us live a good life. When we are happy we are contagious, we make people happy also. No matter how successful we are in achieving our dreams if we are not happy then it's useless. Dreams should put us in a state where we become a happy contented person. Good luck in obtaining our dreams, we all have the right to own it. =)