Friday, August 2, 2013

Overcoming Problems in Life

i will survive
Each and everyday we encounter problems and trials that put our survival skills to test, things like school projects, bills to pay, food to eat, broken hearts, bankruptcy, death, and a lot more to mention. These are small and big challenges in life and it varies from person to person on how these problems are being solved, some can handle it perfectly fine but some of us are stuck, does not know what to do, how to react, how to think and some just give up.

Often times when we encounter major problems we think that there's no solution to it, we sometimes panic, we tend to over think, we get scared and sometimes we lose hope. We start to ask questions like why it happened, what have we done to deserve such misfortunes, Why life is not fair and etc., but come to think of it, Why not? As they say nothing happens for no reason and we would not have given something that we cannot solve.

dont give up
All we have to do is have faith within ourselves, be brave to face it and keep on moving forward. When we believe in ourselves we become confident, we think rationally and we'll be able to come up of solutions and somehow manage to survive. Being brave means not to fear, when we are afraid of someone or something, we let them/it overpower us we become vulnerable and that 's why we fail. Finally we move forward,  depression  is common when we have problems and all we can do is dwell, find faults, sometimes we are being stuck in the past asking what ifs. I  have heard this line somewhere "Walk to the light. Put one foot in front of the other. That's the way most things in life get done."  Take baby steps like wake up  each morning with hope, plan and act, re-evaluate and let go, sometimes good things happen when we least expect it. More importantly pray and have faith.

Now, those are just insights that I have learned living this life of mine, There are a lot more things that can help us cope. How do you cope?