Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ambition: Is It In You?

You might be reading this because you do believe that you have it already, you also might be confused as to what ambition or just curious.

As you can see successful people are ambitious, they never stop, they are focused and full of excitement.. We people are needed to be driven by goals because if not, we will just be consumed by people who are already on top. There might be  chances that you might not want to be associated as ambitious for norms says that ambitious people are cruel,  inconsiderate of others and conceited.  Now that is not true, having an ambition or being ambitious is not bad after all. It's what keeps you going everyday. It's the bad attitude of ambitious people that you don't want.

Do you notice that you tried waking up early morning everyday but you do not have the urge to get up from the bed? You feel that you are always tired, sluggish and indifferent? These things are  signs that you already forget how is it to be goal driven.

It might be that everything becomes a routine and boredom kills you in every passing days. You might have already achieved that ambition you have in life. But don't fret, life is full of surprises, create another one and try new thing, it is good to challenge thyself..

You just woke one day realizing that life has no hope and everything fail. That is why you have to have that ambition, because people with ambition are motivated, they don't view failures, only opportunities.

Well this world is cruel, all of the things change, evolving towards betterment and you don't wanted to be left behind so you have to keep up.  Now go on reflect and go back days, weeks, months or years from now. What makes you think you still have that ambition in you?

Friday, November 22, 2013

The World of A Charming Telemarketer

As I blink and be awaken from my alluring dream;
I embrace the goodness of the day not with a skepticism,
For I desire to live elated until hell freezes over,
So I can parcel out great service to you moreover.

As I sat down and face my career's description,
I beseech for all the goodness and kindness above all.
For in my three years working in my chosen field,
I gain nothing that I can quarrel but just to acknowledge and endure.

When I convey a lovely greet; What you do Is bang the phone and make sure I heard it right.
When I announce my pitch excitingly, what you will say is "fuck you" and all I can say is "thank you"
When It's time to ask for the numbers, why would you say "no,I don't want your shit"?
Much worst is when I say "have A wonderful Day" and you'd say "go to hell!".
All I want is to help you with your needs since it is you who make an interest about our commodity.

But praise for some who has the kindest heart.
For they can understand how tough it is to be in our shoe,
At best they would procure or gleefully wish me a wonderful day.
And that would be enough for me to end a day with a smile on my lips and again, hope for tomorrow's best.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Working Hard: Why It Does Not Pays Off?

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All of us have goals to reach and we have ambitions therefore we work hard. Some would shuffle 3 jobs in a day or in a week, would be contented in just 2-4 hours of sleep everyday, do a entrepreneurship while working and etc. But why it is still not enough? Why would somebody only get 1 job and everything is more than good enough? Well, because the way they work, they work smart!

Working hard is different from working smart. Here why it is;

Working 3 jobs which is not your passion, working hard not smart. In line with passion is the love that you have for your job, no matter how hard you work it you only work for money then you will not excel, you will only be second best. 

Work everyday without attending seminars, training and refresher courses, not smart. We work without amiss so that we'd get higher salary. But as we age in our profession we tend to be lax and our skills become dull but if we upgrade our skills and learn a few things, it will help us big time and can even get us promotions.

Working in a serious way with no fun. Not smart. Fun in a sense that you'd be able to interact with office mates, have a little chat at break time, laugh a little, live the life. It bring good vibes and excitement. We do need boring ambiance in the office, trust me.

Working smart is the key to a more successful job. Don't stress your yourself too hard it will make you a quick-tempered employee and don't be too hard on yourself. Nobody wants a grumpy one.
Have a good day!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reasons Why We Lose Hope

Let's face it, we are achievers, don't settle for less, we keep on aiming high and best is only word we ought to know. But we live in life that nothing is constant, everything changes and consistency in success is far more favorable. Some reasons to construe why we tend to lose hope is that the existence of EXTREME EXPECTATION, expectations are great ideas for it prepares for success, but if our expectations to ourselves are excessive thus we get disappointed when the results are not in our favor.. Second on the list is that we are in such a HASTE TO BE ON TOP, when we work hard we expect result but we often get over excited that we want to envisage it already, and when we don't notice triumph it we tend to give up already. We let DEPRESSION CONSUME US, it is a reaction that we can not avoid often times, Some of the times we can move on without difficulty and can stand up again, but several times in our life that we just let it eat us, makes us pathetic until no more vision of the end light anymore. We let CRITICISM AFFECTS US sometimes we misunderstand people when we fail, we often take criticisms in a negative approach even if it supposed to be constructive. we become pessimistic and lastly, we ALWAYS POINT FINGER, blame ourselves in particular. Mistakes are everywhere and it will always be around, sometimes we are awfully driven for success that we forget to appreciate ourselves and all that we can recognize are our own faults. 

Do you have some notable reasons to add?
Share what is on your mind.