Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Quit Smoking

Smoking kills, but many of us still smoke cigarettes though. Why do we smoke? Well because first of all it is addicting, it contains nicotine  that acts on the brain to produce to a  number effects which are pleasant to smokers. Another thing is that it is fun to smoke, rewarding and it kills boredom.Some have started smoking while they are still young, some have tried it out of curiosity and got addicted to it and find it hard to stop. 

Yes it's hard to quit smoking but it's possible. I've seen a lot of people who have done it, it takes a lot of working to do and it takes commitment. There will be setbacks but setbacks are just stepping stone, if you smoke 2 packs of cigarette and you try to stop and cut it down to 1 and a half pack for a few days and back to 2 packs a day again, It means you have tried and  it was a success for a couple of days. You did not fail, You just have to do it again and again until you finally can quit.

Here are some tips that will help, It's not easy but when you have done it already, It will be just as sweet success.

Mind Setting
Well for me I believe in the saying "What the mind conceive the body will achieve". It's really helpful to think of what you really want to happen in your life. Because when it is already instilled subconsciously it will serve as reminder every second of the day of what you want to attain.

Self Talk

This is also very helpful, do positive self talk and encouragement. Some people may discourage you, they may say that it is impossible to quit smoking.Talk yourself out of it, they did it, Why can't you. Think about this: "The only thing standing between you and your goal is the crap story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve them (Jordan Bellfort)". aqEverything is possible, put your mind into it.

Self discipline is the key, I know its hard but it pays off. When there is someone who is smoking,
walk away, that's the best thing that you can do.

A new hobby may help to keep yourself occupied. if there is a craving then think of something else to do, keep your mind and hands busy. Run, attend some dance, cooking class, go out with your non-smoking friends.

That will be all,How about you? What did you do and How long have you been smoke-free?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Travel to Camp Sabros,Phil.

I'm somehow hesitant to share my travels because I'm not used to sharing my ideas or experiences. But since i think i need to do something new , I'm doing this..

Anyway, It was not a well-planned trip, My workmates just insisted on having a trip to Camp Sabros (Digos, Davao Del Sur, Ph), try a two-meter zip line and go home immediately in the afternoon. Gladly it was sunny Sunday and we just got our pay so with no hesitation we started the fun 10 in the Sunday morning.

It took us an hour and a half trip riding an air conditioned bus, with traffic of course
from Davao City to Digos City. We stopped at Digos City's new terminal then hit 10-minute tricycle ride from the new terminal to old terminal. From then on, we rode a public transportation van (100 Php / person) and it took us like 45minutes just to wait for the van to be filled with passengers. It was 1:30 in the afternoon when the van headed for kapatagan, Camp Sabros, luckily it was not that sunny in Digos at that time. And after an hour of bumpy ride and increasing pressure, finally we set foot at the entrance of Camp Sabros.

I thought that will be the last trip, but then again we were greeted by motorcycles and horses, we needed something to ride on so that we can finally set foot in camp sabros. So there,we tried horses since it was all our first time to ride horses, it took us like fifteen minutes with the horses but it was worth it since there were great scenery from the mountain top, you can see mountains, small houses below and appreciate the nature along with the fog that touches your skin.

When we set foot at Camp Sabros it was so cold since it is at 3,900 feet (around 1,200 meters) above sea level and it was drizzling that time and so windy, all those hours of waiting and long hours of traveling was worth it. We then picked our room, it was so cute it got 5 beds, 1 big cozy bathroom with an ice-like flowing water and we registered ourselves with package rides with zip line. We got 5 rides and a free meal. 200m (pair), individually 400m and 800m ride, and 2 380m cable car ride. They have rappelling but then we did not tried it coz we just would like to feel the rush! =) after we have settled down and arrange our baggage in our room, we immediately tried the 200m zip line ride. since it was my first time of course i was kind a hesitant, but then again it was what i was looking for so why not grab the chance. it was a freaking exciting moment as you wear the suit, then as they clipped your gear to the wires you can see the depth of the ground from where you at. As they loose you and you start moving forward and faster, the adrenaline gets higher and higher and oh the rush, you will love it! twice the rush when you finally reach the end of the line, it was kinda scary and exciting coz it felt like you'll be slammed to something, but you won't, it was really awesome! then after that we then rode an off-road car, the ride was a nice 5-min very bumpy ride preceded to the 400m then we first tried the cable car ride. it was slow and we can see mt. APO, it was a nice and smooth ride, no rush to prepare ourselves for the 800-m zip. Ad there it was, it was thrice the fun when I first tried 200m-zip ride, double the rush, the excitement and the chill. all I can is it was AWESOME!

after all the rides we then prepared ourselves for the night, took a very cold shower, opened a bottle of wine, some cigarette smoking, a little chit chat, then they called us for dinner. The food was great, veggies were fresh from the garden, it was a delicious dinner with home cooked viands then afterwards, we sang along in the videoke with a couple of wine shots. then finally slept at around 10PM. They supposed to have a bonfire but it didnt happened for unknown reasons. Anyways it was a tiring day and the room was just so perfect and we were well rested.

got up at 8AM then we proceeded to never ending pictorials. We then sealed the day with our last ride, the 380m cable car ride.
It was an awesome trip, I recommend trying all the zip rides.