Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why are we Watchful of other's Success?

successful character holding a gold cupSuccess is vital in our lives and this is the reason why we work so hard and we never cease to dream. Some people find meaning in life through it, some people already achieved it, some people think they can never have it.

 Success is very subjective, we view other's success by our own definition of it and we base our own success thinking of other people's accomplishments. That is why there are always comparison and competition.You might think that you are very unlucky because unlike the people you look up to, you have never stepped into that shoes. On the other hand some people might be envious of you thinking that you already are a successful one.

We get envious for we always compare ourselves to other people. We never had contentment in life always asking for something greater than what we deserve, and I am not saying that we deserve less because none of us are. My point is we should acknowledge our own achievements and stop looking at other's success. what we should do is look for contentment for without it we will always be empty and will never be fulfilled.

The true definition of success is not by the amount of the money that we have, not by how many cars and what type of cars do we ride or not the luxurious things that we own. True success is real happiness. It's when you pause for a moment and give thanks for the little things that completes your life. 

 Do you consider yourself successful  already? if not yet, why?
share your thoughts.