Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tips for Good Decision Making

Everyday is a battle between choices from simple to complex or complicated ones. Decision making is important for it will affect you personally, as well as the people in your circle.
In some point in our lives we made some bad decisions, other's can fix it easily and undo the mistake but some people lived with it with regrets. Our decisions in life determine our maturity and responsibility and It does not matter whether the decision is right or wrong, what's important is that we are happy with our choices and we live to stand by our principles and beliefs.

Here are handful tips to help you make good decisions:

1. Listen to your Gut.
Your instinct is right in every way, It helps us determine if there is something wrong, if there is danger and it is our first line of defense.

2. Based it on your Principles or Belief
Whatever it is if you base it on your values then it is a good choice. Don't let people tell you otherwise since we are all different and we believe in different things. Your decision is your own and you are the one who can benefit from it.

3. Seek Advice/Guidance
Yes you can seek advice, some people know better, some less, some have the best ideas, some have lame ones but it turns out great in the end, other people can help just consider your own ideas first. But you have to remember that you cannot blame them if it turns out bad in the end.

4. Reflect
Look back from the past experiences, you may have this dilemma before and you can come up with a better decision now. As they say Experience is the best teacher.

5. Take your Time
Most of the time Impulsiveness in decision making is never a good thing. Go over with your options over and over, lay all the benefits, advantages and disadvantages, weigh the pros and cons.

Remember that no matter what situation you are today, be brave for fear of not knowing what might happen in the future will not help you to come up with a good decision making. Good Luck and Stay safe every one.

What are your strategies? do you have any best tip that you can share in decision making?
Share your thoughts.