Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On Love: Why do we Hold Back?

Love is a very strong feeling that can build a person as well as it can destroy one. They say when somebody loves someone they give everything, all they could and all they have. And who can deny the truth? Everyone of us is a hopeless romantic, every one of us loves deeply, loves truly, loves endlessly. And as they say; nothing beats the first time like those butterflies in the tummy, blood  pumping rush, very overwhelming like cloud 9 is abyss.

Well there is always a first time and first times are the best. But when it ends there comes another story. As we go in life we move forward, we take down notes which we have learned along the way, we make promises to ourselves and we learn to protect ourselves. Some of us are having a hard time trusting again, afraid to fall in love again. but some of us give love a second chance but holds back, because they get smarter and they already know better now.

Fear is the top most reason why we hold back, we are afraid to be once again wrong, afraid to get hurt, to shed tears, afraid of commitment, afraid that things might get out of control, afraid of someone, afraid of own self and afraid of everything.

Then comes pain, I think heartbreak is the feeling when you can imagine that the heart is shattering, like it is a broken glass that can not be repaired, like somebody is stabbing the sharpest knife into it all over and over. We can still  feel it inside us, like a scar that can not be erased. First cut is the deepest, true for most people.

Doubt, often times we ask ourselves many question because we are starting to doubt our capacity to love again, we doubt someone's capacity to love back in return. We doubt happiness, like it never exists, we doubt everything that once we have believed in.

As for ending this, just give your heart a rest, savor the freedom if you are single. Give it all if you feel that the love you have now is genuine,  and stop if it is hurting and if it is too much to bear. Don't get afraid to make mistakes, after all, there are lessons to be learned, be it in a hard way or the other way around. What's important is that we continue moving on, Although love is complicated,it is still the greatest feeling in the world, Just have to believe it.