Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ease up, Enjoy Life!

the best is yet to comeOften times we wake up in the morning feeling good, but as we get up from the bed and begin our day, we tend to start complaining about simple things. Like how vague the dream was, it is too early to get up, yesterday was a fail, so much to do with so little time and a lot more. We often forget to say a little thank you  for another day, for another breath, for another sunrise, for another day to fight and for a brand new day to start all over again.

Gratitude, I think, is one of the most important deed in this world. When we are being appreciative of the things that we have, it will make us feel blessed, it will ease up the burden that we carry on our shoulders. It'll make us smile and it will make us realize that we are fortunate to be in a certain situation for we are strong enough to conquer anything.

enjoy lifeRide on, Have you ever heard of the phrase "go with the flow"? This will be the best action for some situation. Sometimes, when we  face adversities we complain a lot to the point that we tend to view all things negatively. We become irritable, quick-tempered, we become irrational and unreasonable. Why not take a step back, pause for a while, try to reflect and clear your mind. In this way, we can come up with positive plans on how to deal with difficult situations.

The point is that our first reaction to misfortunes is to get mad easily, get discourage and get ourselves be eaten up and be beaten up. Life is simple; "Follow your intuition, be smart, be brave, tell the truth and don't take any shit." and most of all be happy all the time.