Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's Talk About Money

dollar signMoney make the world go round, a tagline which is famous to each and everyone. Some people don't believe in it, but majority of us live with it. We work very hard so that we can get the money we always wanted, some would shuffle 3 jobs day and night, work our butt off 7 days a week and a lot more.

Money is just a material thing, I know some people who doesn't give a damn about money. They are just contented living a simple life, contented with the love that surrounds them, do not have indulges, no high aspirations. Just living the life.

Money is everything, some people are driven by money Because they have needs and wants,they wanna buy a lot of things for instance, expensive foods, branded clothing, shelter, cars, gadgets, jewelry, buildings, resorts, island and so much more..

Money is love, rich people are lonely, well not all of them but some are. Maybe because they are too driven to get rich they forget how's like to give affection that's why they buy it from people whose love can be bought.

Money is power, when people have more than enough money they gain control over things and people, they boss around, they underestimate people who have less money, they have this notion that they are above everything and anything.

money dont change people
Money is evil, it makes people do bad things. Let's face it, majority of us faces poverty struggling to survive everyday and not all people have the courage to do what is right. Everyday in the news we see people get busted for selling drugs, some from prostitution, kidnapping, robbery, stealing, swindling, murder and a lot of bad things.

But whatever it is, the most important thing is that we know our purpose in this world, we live harmoniously with others and we value respect more than we value money.What's your take on money? Do you believe that money is the most important thing in this world? Can you live without money? Or it is just money! no big deal!