Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Defining Passion

They say people are driven by emotions, it influences how people behave and react to situations, it affects judgment, rationalization, and decision making. One of the strongest emotion that is unclear to most of us is Passion. Below are the list of questions that a lot of people are asking:

define your passion

1. Why am I not successful?
2. Why some people have it all?
3. How come no matter how hard I work, I am still stuck from where I started?
4. How come he/she achieved a lot putting less efforts.

Well people, Passion is the answer! Passion is a strong desire to make things possible or couple of things that steers us to success. A lot of us are still fixed in a norm that we can never achieve what successful people have achieved, we negate from the idea that everything is possible, we think that "success is not for me". Apparently because we lack confidence and we lack faith in ourselves.

Yes it is true that a handful are people who are self made millionaire, it is because they are driven by passion, they enjoy what they do, they love everything about it and even if the journey is so hard, they NEVER GIVE UP because they know that their life depends on it. Passionate people are self motivated, they know that if they achieve something it would bring happiness. They have courage to do things even if some think that it is impossible. They have determination, they never give up, they label failures as setbacks and they bounce from it immediately with excitement.

follow your heart

Passion is present in every one of us, some recognizes it already in a young age and made use of it in a positive manner, some find it difficult to look for it. Several Instances prevents us from pursuing our passion and just give up on a simple setbacks, they even fail to move forward.

Now go on, Start your journey to success but answer this question first:

What is your passion?