Saturday, November 16, 2013

Working Hard: Why It Does Not Pays Off?

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All of us have goals to reach and we have ambitions therefore we work hard. Some would shuffle 3 jobs in a day or in a week, would be contented in just 2-4 hours of sleep everyday, do a entrepreneurship while working and etc. But why it is still not enough? Why would somebody only get 1 job and everything is more than good enough? Well, because the way they work, they work smart!

Working hard is different from working smart. Here why it is;

Working 3 jobs which is not your passion, working hard not smart. In line with passion is the love that you have for your job, no matter how hard you work it you only work for money then you will not excel, you will only be second best. 

Work everyday without attending seminars, training and refresher courses, not smart. We work without amiss so that we'd get higher salary. But as we age in our profession we tend to be lax and our skills become dull but if we upgrade our skills and learn a few things, it will help us big time and can even get us promotions.

Working in a serious way with no fun. Not smart. Fun in a sense that you'd be able to interact with office mates, have a little chat at break time, laugh a little, live the life. It bring good vibes and excitement. We do need boring ambiance in the office, trust me.

Working smart is the key to a more successful job. Don't stress your yourself too hard it will make you a quick-tempered employee and don't be too hard on yourself. Nobody wants a grumpy one.
Have a good day!