Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reasons Why We Lose Hope

Let's face it, we are achievers, don't settle for less, we keep on aiming high and best is only word we ought to know. But we live in life that nothing is constant, everything changes and consistency in success is far more favorable. Some reasons to construe why we tend to lose hope is that the existence of EXTREME EXPECTATION, expectations are great ideas for it prepares for success, but if our expectations to ourselves are excessive thus we get disappointed when the results are not in our favor.. Second on the list is that we are in such a HASTE TO BE ON TOP, when we work hard we expect result but we often get over excited that we want to envisage it already, and when we don't notice triumph it we tend to give up already. We let DEPRESSION CONSUME US, it is a reaction that we can not avoid often times, Some of the times we can move on without difficulty and can stand up again, but several times in our life that we just let it eat us, makes us pathetic until no more vision of the end light anymore. We let CRITICISM AFFECTS US sometimes we misunderstand people when we fail, we often take criticisms in a negative approach even if it supposed to be constructive. we become pessimistic and lastly, we ALWAYS POINT FINGER, blame ourselves in particular. Mistakes are everywhere and it will always be around, sometimes we are awfully driven for success that we forget to appreciate ourselves and all that we can recognize are our own faults. 

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