Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ambition: Is It In You?

You might be reading this because you do believe that you have it already, you also might be confused as to what ambition or just curious.

As you can see successful people are ambitious, they never stop, they are focused and full of excitement.. We people are needed to be driven by goals because if not, we will just be consumed by people who are already on top. There might be  chances that you might not want to be associated as ambitious for norms says that ambitious people are cruel,  inconsiderate of others and conceited.  Now that is not true, having an ambition or being ambitious is not bad after all. It's what keeps you going everyday. It's the bad attitude of ambitious people that you don't want.

Do you notice that you tried waking up early morning everyday but you do not have the urge to get up from the bed? You feel that you are always tired, sluggish and indifferent? These things are  signs that you already forget how is it to be goal driven.

It might be that everything becomes a routine and boredom kills you in every passing days. You might have already achieved that ambition you have in life. But don't fret, life is full of surprises, create another one and try new thing, it is good to challenge thyself..

You just woke one day realizing that life has no hope and everything fail. That is why you have to have that ambition, because people with ambition are motivated, they don't view failures, only opportunities.

Well this world is cruel, all of the things change, evolving towards betterment and you don't wanted to be left behind so you have to keep up.  Now go on reflect and go back days, weeks, months or years from now. What makes you think you still have that ambition in you?