Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why do I blog?

Sometimes I ask myself that kind of question and honestly, I really do not know the answer.

I put up this blog last January because I got bored at work and I want to quit already, but then I didn't quit because I discovered blogging and since I have access freely using the Internet (management did not know of this), I decided to make my blog.

At first, I just want to share my thoughts, I have seen and read a lot of blogs and It inspired me, In return I want to inspire more people also. I don't know, I really have this delusion that my thoughts are so precious and it can touch some one's heart. And of course I believe that there is at least one person that will read it.

Second, I got addicted to it, I researched  a lot about blogging, I often got incidental reports because my sales went down, but suddenly I realized, It just struck me "my blog is not that interesting". I just stopped and forgot about it. But I don't know, maybe I love writing i just can't stop, came back doing it and I just write pieces during work hours and it makes me happy. 

Third, because I wanted to know a lot of people and I want to know if my thoughts are worth reading, if someone can relate. I know I have insecurities,who does not have? But anyway, I love how my blog is now, I have come to know a lot of interesting people and I learned a lot. 

I wanna thank all the people who is reading my blog, who dedicates their precious time  =viewing it. You keep the fire inside me burning. :) Thank you for all the comments, suggestions and the likes. I appreciate it greatly.

well, that's it. how bout you? Why do you blog?