Monday, September 2, 2013

Trust and Friendship

As it is true No man is an island.

Friends, they make life worth living. We need friends because playing is much more fun when we are with them, as well as eating,travel, shopping, working, sleeping and so much more. We even get to choose them at some point over our parents because fun never stops when we are with our friends.

Trust, something that we give to our friends. Needed to strengthen the bond and to create more happiness.
And the longer we know our  friends, the trust is much more deeper. We trust them with our lives, do things together and whatever, We trust them enough that we even tell them our secrets with excitement or fearfully spill our darkest little secret because we want a shoulder to cry on and we want them to fully understand us.

But in a certain time of friendship, there are fights, misunderstandings and even betrayals. Some to get even, they tend to share your secrets with others either to shame, threaten or because betrayal is what they always do,it's in their human core. And when that happens, we get hurt a lot, cry and blame ourselves because we trusted too much. then when we start to get up and fight back and make an enemy out of friendship that was once shared.

But still, celebrate life and friendship. They teach us great lessons in life, they bring experiences worth remembering and they mold us to be a better person. Even if we betrayed by some of the friends we have known,  we still get that one friend or some friends left who are true and will never betray us.
Cheers to friendship and happiness.